Worried About your Facebook Timeline Privacy When you Comment on Pages?

Some companies wisely encourage their employees to “like”, comment on and share Facebook business page updates.  As social media consultants, from time to time we encounter resistance to this request because some employees are reluctant to “expose” their personal Facebook Timelines/Profiles by engaging with their employer’s Facebook Page.

The first thing to keep in mind is that if all your content is public, people can see it whether you comment or not.  However, we do understand that “liking” and commenting might lead to some increased exposure of your Timeline by other fans of the page who might not otherwise seek you out.

Protect the Privacy of your Facebook Timeline and Updates

If you would like to feel free to engage on your employer’s Facebook Timeline, follow a few simple steps to ensure your privacy.  First, check to see how your Timeline looks to anyone who is NOT your friend.  To do this, go to your Facebook Timeline and hit the settings button (see right).  Then choose “View As…” From this screen, you can also see how your Timeline appears to …

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