When is Running a Facebook Contest Dangerous? – Updated!

Answer: When you break the rules. Surprisingly, even big-name companies are doing so – at the risk of their Facebook page! Is it ignorance or arrogance?  Hard to say, but you don’t have to follow suit!

If you’ve spent anytime on social media sites lately, you may have noticed a trend – contests. Pinterest and Facebook users alike have been using this new tool to grow their audience. Sounds great right? Well, maybe.  Holding a Facebook contest may be more complicated than you realize. The stakes are high – failure to follow Facebook contest rules can lead to your page being shutdown.

Never fear, Scalable is here!  A contest is still an effective way to increase your reach, grow your audience and engage your fans. We’ll take you step by step through the Facebook rules to ensure your contest is legit.

Do Contests Work?

Yes. Even with all the hoops you need to jump through, contests are an effective way to grow your audience. Much of your success …

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Facebook Business Page Q&A Live Chat Recap

We had  a great conversation with over 100 comments during our Facebook Business Page Q&A chat last night.  Here is a summary of the questions and answers covered.

“How do we use Facebook Page Insights?” – Laurie

There are many things you can learn from insights:

Look at the “Overview” tab to see which updates are the most popular (hover over the “?” to see what each metric means). Look at the types of posts people are interested in (what they’ve liked and /or commented on) – whether its photos, videos, or a specific topic in a post, then tailor any future posts to reflect said interest. Look at the dates and times (you can view it when you hover your mouse over the date) your posts where added, and post future posts/photos/videos accordingly. Look at who your audience is – the gender and age – on the “likes” tab. Look at who your updates are reaching on the “reach” tab.  This demographic is likely more engaged with your page. Finally, if …

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How to Create “Inviting” Events on Facebook

Facebook changes functionality of features such as Events often, so if you run in to any questions while adding an event, please comment below or “like” us on Facebook and let us know how we can help!

Using Facebook as your business page,

Go to “Home” and click on “Events” in the left sidebar, below  your image. Click on “Add Event” Enter a catchy, informative event Name.  “Turning the heat down on Menopause” might be more apt to attract attention than, “Menopause Seminar”. Enter  Details including who can attend, if they need to RSVP externally as well, what benefits they will receive by attending (yes, including the refreshments!). Make sure to include a link back to your event hub (a web page, blog post or event manager with all relevant information. Add your location. Add date and time. Leave “Show Guest List” checked. Leave “Only Admins can post to the event wall” unchecked. After you create the event, make sure to add a photo.  No one wants to attend a mystery event! If you are going to be there, RSVP …

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