Getting a SourcedFrom Timeout Error?

SourcedFrom is a WordPress plugin used for content syndication. It’s quite brilliant!  However, it is now totally unsupported and has not been updated in ages.  Still, we have been limping along until about a month ago when we started getting errors like this:

SourcedFrom Error: WP HTTP Error: Operation timed out after 10000 milliseconds with 1065660 bytes received

First I contacted the host company.  It wasn’t them (it never is!). Then I checked the RSS feed and found it needed to be validated.  That’s always nice to do, but it made no difference on our end.  So, I tried using the Feedburner RSS instead of the WordPress native RSS.   Then it only showed 10 of the 243 posts.

Yes, you are right, 243 posts is a LOT!  So, I ended up creating a new site just to house older posts, then imported them.  Next, I deleted the older posts from the library site.  In Library>client settings I simply add the URL for BOTH sites and …

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