Building Customer Relationships - Old School Style

Building Customer Relationships – Old School Style

When I was a teenager, my best friend Carolyn and I would spend countless hours doing I don’t even remember what. It was that kind of easy companionship that doesn’t happen with just anyone, and it started when we were about four. I remember going through each other’s school books and sneaking random notes in between the pages for later discovery. It might be about a boy, “Ooooh, RB really DOES look like Johnny Depp!” (am I dating myself here?). Or the even more random, “I hope your teacher doesn’t see this and make you read it in front of the class!”

What we were doing – consciously or not, was in fact incredibly powerful. Each was making sure the other knew they were thought of – often at unexpected times, in an unexpected place – and in a way that would make us smile. Using an inside joke or a shared secret served as an extra reminder that we have a special bond that the teacher, or anyone else finding the notes just wouldn’t understand.

Building Customer Relationships

What …

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Bad Marketing Goals Getting You Down? Get SMART!

Bad Marketing Goals That Could Cost you Big

Are bad marketing goals costing you money, leads and customers? When goals are vague, impossible to measure, have no clear path, are unrealistic and not tied to any timeline, they are!

It’s time to get  SMART with your marketing goals! First, let’s look at some common goals that don’t make the cut.


Bad Marketing Goal:  “I want to be #1 on Google!”

You know what? Anyone can be number one on Google for their chosen keyword if they have enough money to spend on Google AdWords! Ask yourself why you want to be number one on Google and you can stop throwing thousands of dollars a month at AdWords from now until eternity.

Bad Marketing Goal: “I want more traffic to my website.”

You can get more traffic to your website with paid advertising, link building, SEO, content creation, but WHY do you want more traffic? Is it because you want more leads? If so, you need to first make sure your website is optimized for lead generation first, or all that traffic will do nothing to help you …

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How Can #Twitter Make Money For My Business?

Twitternomics – How Can Twitter Make Money for my Business?

Can Twitter really make money for your business? This one is similar to the biggest question my late father had about my work, “People PAY you to Tweet?” Haha. Yes, Dad, they do – but it’s not that simple. I was happy to have the chance to show him why businesses do pay for help with Twitter – effectively using Twitter really CAN make money for your business!

The strategies and techniques for building a business with Twitter are similar to general suggestions on how to monetize social media, but the potential benefits, mindset and mechanics of each platform differ somewhat. So, how do Tweets, Retweets, Mentions and Follows turn in to increased business profits?

Twitter Generates Targeted Website Traffic

Sharing your blog post links with relevant and intriguing updates brings to your site people who want to know about your products, services, or information.

Pro Tip: Have your followers help spread the word for more visitors. Using hashtags increases the chances of a Retweet by …

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How Can I Monetize Social Media? Six Ways #socialmedia increases sales.

How Do I Monetize Social Media? Six Ways Social Media Increases Sales

“How do I monetize social media?” That was one of the questions submitted when we asked our Facebook fans about commonly-asked online marketing questions. Engagement and growing fan counts are all very nice, but if it doesn’t lead to a better bottom line, is it worth the effort? Perhaps you’ve wondered yourself – is there a way to make money from social media?

How Does Utilizing Social Media Lead to Increased Business Profits?

It doesn’t automatically, but you knew that. In fact, if your business is not ready for social media, your efforts could actually backfire.  With an investment in time and a commitment to ongoing quality, however, you can expect to see any or all of these six profit-boosting benefits. Note that with one exception, these benefits don’t form a straight line to increased sales. But the path from awareness to new customer is rarely a straight line, anyway.

1. Social Media Increases Exposure and Builds Brands

It’s not rocket science. Being on …

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What is inbound marketing?

What is Inbound Marketing?

Is the term “inbound marketing” a complete mystery to you? If so, you’re not alone! Even those in the business of inbound marketing don’t always agree on its exact meaning. The term “inbound marketing,” is sometimes used interchangeably with “content marketing.” Branded terms like Jay Baer’s “YOUtility” further attempt to clarify the mystery by indicating that it’s useful.

To me, inbound marketing is marketing that people love. It fills a need at the right time, in the right format, on the right platform and guides your visitors into a sales funnel that they actually enjoy.

I had an opportunity to collaborate on HubSpot’s new ebook, “The ABCs of Inbound Marketing,” and it got me thinking – how do other professionals explain what inbound marketing means?

How Inbound Marketing Professionals Define Their Marketing Strategy

I asked around on Twitter for some inbound marketing professionals’ one-sentence answers to “What is Inbound Marketing?” Here’s what they said:

“Inbound Marketing is fun, effective and trackable marketing– being there when prospects search, it’s my kind …

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Why does my pharmacy need a blog? I'm a busy pharmacist!

Why Do I Have to Blog for my Pharmacy?

“I just want to start utilizing social media to promote my business. Why are you telling me I need to blog, too?” — Sincerely, Your Neighborhood Pharmacist.

We understand. Not everyone is a writer, and blogging does take a considerable amount of time and/or money, one or both of which might be in short supply! Then there’s the matter of what you should write about (do people really want to read about the latest prescription drugs? vaccinations? studies?). No wonder people want to skip right to the seemingly simple process of posting on social media and watching the customers beat down the doors! But trust me, it’s worth it.

Blogging Brings More Visitors to your Website

Companies with active blogs have 55% more website visitors than those not blogging (HubSpot).  Why would that be? Search engines love good, fresh content. Use the right keywords and target the right buyers, and you will see your search engine rankings improve over time without having to shell out thousands every month for Adwords or other PPC. Your outstanding content may …

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Social media impacts customer purchases

Social Media Not Giving You the Return on Investment You Expected?

So, it’s a couple of months in with your new online marketing agency, and you’re not so sure about this social media “thing.” You’re looking at a report with fancy graphs and numbers, and terms that mean absolutely nothing to you. What are you paying for, anyway? Is it even POSSIBLE to determine the ROI of social media?

It sure is. Without going in to what the numbers mean and how to improve them, let’s look at some questions you might ask regarding possible reasons  you’re not seeing the return you expected from social media.

Is it Too Soon?

Has it been less than six months since you started? Give it time. As long as you are seeing some action, keep it up. Don’t become a person who says, “I tried it and it didn’t work!” without giving it a chance.

Are You Expecting Too Much?

I know, it sounds like a cop-out, but, perhaps because social media has been touted by some “experts” as a sort of …

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Complete your #Pinterest profile

Pinterest – Is Your Business Profile Sending The Right Message?

I’m on Pinterest and I’m looking for you. I want to engage with businesses like yours – repin your pins, like them, comment on them, or maybe invite you to my group board. So, I search – maybe by category, maybe using the search box.

Today I looked for “outdoors” and clicked on the first pin that interested me. I went to see who pinned it and got this:

Granted, this is likely a personal account, not a business account, but countless business accounts similarly pass up on the opportunity to tell the world a little about them and give us all a chance to find them other places online. The message this profile sends is, “I don’t care if you know who I am or what I’m about.” Probably not the one YOU want to send!

Start with Your Profile Image

Unless you sell pushpins, the default image is not good enough for you.  Choose something that looks good even when it is only 165×165 pixels. …

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization - with an arrow pointing up. 4 Tips to Boost SEO using Social Media

Social Media Tips to Increase SEO

In a previous blog post we established that the best marketing plans use both social and SEO as marketing tools. Strategic use of social media platforms can be a complement to SEO. So stop wasting time deciding which is superior and resolve to combine the power of social with SEO. These tips will kick your company’s SEO into top gear.

1. SEO and Social Media URLs

URLS, handles, and user names brand our company.  Confusion associated with business identity will hinder growth, so keep your social media URLs (website address), handles, and user names, as uniform as possible.

A custom URL helps to optimize your spot in organic search – crucial to SEO. Not all social media platforms let you customize your URL. While Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest allow for customization, Twitter derives your account URL by default from your handle. Be familiar with each platform’s options and realize the impact it has on SEO.

If possible, your company’s URL, user names and handles should contain your business …

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#Content Marketing - Where Follow Through Matters

Content Marketing – How’s Your Follow-Through?

So, you just spent most of the week writing THE best ebook on something-or-other. People are downloading it like mad and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself, right? Well, you should. Looks like you’ve mastered the are of the effective call to action and you know how to spread the word about your content.

But then what? If you’re waiting for the phone to start ringing when people who read your ebook are overcome and want to buy your products or hire you immediately, you are likely to be very disappointed. You might even feel taken advantage and think, “All that work, and what do I get out of it?”

It doesn’t have to be that way. Sure, anyone can read my blog posts without telling me anything about themselves, but on this site, I also have 14 downloadable online marketing resources that took many hours of research, writing and design. They’re also available for free. I’m happy to help!

However, I do want to know who is reading my premium …

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