How to Get More Online Reviews

The other day a friend asked me, “I have all these hand-written reviews – how can I get them online?” Great question!  We know the value of reviews, because most of us use them before making any purchase – from movie tickets to cars, restaurant choices to caregiving services for our children or elderly relatives. Research shows that listings with reviews (and the more the better) get more clicks than those without.

Don’t Fake It

Resist the urge to set up fake accounts on review sites and post the reviews yourself.  Ditto for asking friends and relatives to do the same.  A quick review of the Terms of Service for any review site will reveal that is totally against the rules.  You could find the reviews filtered out, or you could lose your listing entirely.  Read about Yelp’s new crack-down on fake reviews.

Don’t Pay for Reviews, Just Ask Nicely

Offering incentives for reviews is usually against Terms of Service, and any incentive requires the recipient to reveal the gift in their review.  Seriously, …

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Create and Promote an Event on Yelp

First, create your personal account and claim your business on Yelp. Note:  Yelp Events are not yet available in all areas, and you will not know if your area is eligible until you submit your event.  So, you may want to put it together quickly, submit, and if it succeeds, go back and add details.

 Create an Event on Yelp

Log in to your personal account Visit, or go to Events>Add Event Fill in all applicable Fields. Enter a catchy, informative event Name.  “Turning the heat down on Menopause” might be more apt to attract attention than, “Menopause Seminar”. Enter Date and Time Is this a public venue or private address?  Choose one, then, if it is a business name search by name and location to let Yelp link it with the business profile. What & Why:  Enter  Details including who can attend, if they need to RSVP externally as well, what benefits they will receive by attending (yes, including the refreshments!).   This would be a great time to …

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