Tracking Phone Sales Sources - Sometimes a phone sale is not really a phone sale! #roi via @scalablesocial

How to Track Telephone Sales from Social Media and Online Sources

Tracking Phone Sales Sources - Sometimes a phone sale is not really a phone sale! #roi via  @scalablesocialFeeling like social media and your website are not giving you the results you need? It could be. It could also be that you just aren’t tracking it well. Google Analytics Goals can help to some extent and software like HubSpot can pinpoint leads and customers by online platform. But what about when someone picks up the phone to place an order or hire you to perform a service? Should you assume they saw your television ad or found you in the Yellow Pages? Probably not.

The Effective, Low-Tech Way to Find Out Where Telephone Sales Come From


That’s right. It’s low-tech, and costs no more than 15 seconds of time.

BUT, if they tell you they found you in a phone book (really?), ask if they have seen your blog, website, Facebook or other social channels. Oftentimes, a relationship online leads to trust, which leads to real-world contact and honest-to-goodness sales.

Afraid you or your sales team will forget? Add the field to your order program’s form and do not allow the order to process without a value in that field. Afraid people will start entering “NA” to save time?  Give your salesperson with the smallest percentage of “NAs” in a given month a gift certificate.  Get them invested in finding out where their sales come from. In fact, since their jobs, and perhaps their commissions depend on incoming leads and calls, make sure you explain why you need to track these sources.

Knowing where your leads and sales come from is vital to planning and refining marketing strategy. If you are spending $10,000 a month in Facebook ads, but you’re getting no calls or leads, moving that budget to a more effective channel is in everyone’s best interest.

Higher-Tech Ways to Find Out Where Telephone Sales Come From

Some of our clients maintain a virtual phone number for our use only. The software allows us to pull reports to see how many telephone inquiries our online efforts are generating. These phone numbers forward to their office telephone system, so the callers should not notice a difference. Of course, it’s not fool-proof because, as we mentioned, someone might have seen their presence online, but when it came time to make the actual call, they might look for a business card, advertisement or even a phone book. Still, it does give us some idea of how things are going.

Depending on your budget, you might choose to have one phone number for your blog, one for Facebook, one for paid advertising, etc. We use and recommend FreedomVoice, which costs $10/month per number. Call Rail dynamically shows different phone numbers, depending on how the caller found your site – Yelp, Facebook, etc.  We haven’t tried it, but it looks like a great option for in-depth tracking.

So, that’s how we do it – how about you? Do you track the sources of your telephone sales? Please tell us about it!



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How to Track Telephone Sales from Social Media and Online Sources
Think those phone orders are coming from tv ads or the phone book? You may be surprised to find out they’re really from your online efforts! Here, two simple ways to know for sure.

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