Twitter Card Issues

Twitter Card Errors and How to Fix Them

Yesterday we talked about how great Twitter Cards are for your brand and we even walked you through how to set them up for your site. You may notice, though, when you click on the “View summary” of some Tweets, that one or the other of the fields is a little “off”. You may also notice some sites (yours, maybe?) where some of the tweets show the card and some do not. Or, maybe you didn’t get that far because you’re still trying to validate your code and get approved, but you get a server error or timeout error?

Let me say right here – I don’t have all the answers! My own cards are still a little glitchy. However, I do have some suggestions and will be watching the forums for more solutions. Also, the potential benefits outweigh the annoyances!

Twitter Card IssuesTwitter cards for everyone is new, so there are bound to be some hiccups. I’ll share my issues and any solutions I have found. Plus a few of the more popular issues encountered on the Twitter Cards Forum. If you visit that site, you may notice our questions there. Hopefully they’ll have lots of replies soon!

Twitter Card Issue:  Validator gives a “Server error please try again” message.

It is unclear whether this is an issue on Twitter’s end or on the subject website. However, we tried multiple URLs and found we got intermittent success for each. The intermittent nature of the issue leads me to believe it is on Twitter’s end.  Solution: keep trying.

Twitter Card Issue: Validator gives a “Timeout” message

If your website takes longer than three seconds to load, you will get a timeout error and cards will not work for your site. Solution: clean up your site, delete any plugins you don’t need, see about faster hosting. Also, one user reports that using CloudFlare for your site causes a timeout issue with cards.

Twitter Card Issue: Cards appear on some tweets, not on others

Instead of the “View Summary” link, you might see “Expand.” Solution: try sharing the same URL a couple of times (not in rapid-fire succession) to see if it might be a timeout issue on that particular page. If that page NEVER shows a card, that may be your issue. Solution: try shrinking the image file size on that page’s images. Also, check the length of the page’s description. It must be under 200 characters.

Twitter Card Issue: I’ve been approved, but I don’t see any cards

They should have started appearing immediately. Solution: First make sure your site hasn’t slowed since you were approved (must load in 3 seconds) and that your page descriptions or the description you entered into the meta code isn’t over 200 characters. Submit a request on the Twitter discussion forum.

Twitter Card Issue: Some of the fields have incorrect information

This is something we have noticed. Sometimes everything looks OK. Sometimes, the description is just a bunch of code. Since we are using a plugin that automatically inserts the meta tags, this can’t be an issue with us entering the information incorrectly.

Frustratingly, I can look at the Tweet one moment, and it looks fine and then go back a few moments later and it has changed the description to “__reach_config = { pid:.” Solution: If the problem is NOT intermittent and you fill out the meta tags manually, double-check your work. Otherwise, submit a request on the Twitter discussion forum. If I resolve my issue I will share the solution here.

Do you have another solution to any of the above issues? Please share below!

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