For Increased Social Media Sharing, Try These “Magic” Words

The surprising "magic" words for increased social media engagement.

Give your content its best chance at success by working these terms into your updates whenever it makes sense to do so.

Thanks to QuickSprout for the awesome infographic. It goes without saying that you can easily overdo it. Gaming the system never works for long, so keep it real!

Facebook Words to Try for Comments Likes and Shares: 

  • post
  • would
  • submit
  • when
  • warns
  • should
  • discount
  • inspires
  • where
  • should
  • take
  • tell us
  • comment*
  • amuses
  • deals

“Discount,” “deals”, “warns,” “inspires,” and “amuses” shouldn’t surprise us a bit. Studies show that many people like Facebook business pages for discounts and deals, and Facebook users do enjoy a good horror story, uplifting account, or funny cat video. The inclusion of “post” suggests that you should expressly mention it if you’re sharing one of your blog posts. Give that a try.

* Take care when using “comment.” Facebook recently changed its algorithm to discourage “like-baiting,” described as asking readers to like, comment, or share in an attempt to artificially inflate reach.  Facebook elaborates, “This update will not impact Pages that are genuinely trying to encourage discussion among their fans, and focuses initially on Pages that frequently post explicitly asking for Likes, Comments and Shares.” Another magic word that encourages comments, but might be safer is “tell us.”

Magic Words for Twitter ReTweets

My favorite recently isn’t a word at all, but it bears sharing here! Tweets with images generate 150% more ReTweets! When you share your own content on Twitter, make sure to include an image. Once you have you image, try including one of the following words:

  • free
  • social media
  • help
  • follow
  • twitter
  • retweet
  • social
  • top
  • how to
  • great
  • please
  • new blog post
  • you
  • check out
  • media
  • post

Clearly, Twitter users are looking for great content in their stream. Don’t be shy about announcing your new blog post with those words! Letting people know YOU wrote that gives more weight to your share, especially with people who know you and your great content already.

Best Words for Google+ Success:

  • share
  • promote
  • increase
  • create
  • discover

Ah yes, the beauty of Google+. It really is about discovering. If you haven’t made G+ part of your strategy, start now!

LinkedIn Words for Success – Or Not

Not necessarily intended for use in updates, these lists refer to words you use in your profile to describe yourself or jobs you’ve held.

Use these:

  • created
  • increased
  • reduced
  • improved
  • developed
  • researched
  • accomplished
  • won
  • on time
  • under budget

Not these (they’re overused):

  • responsible
  • strategic
  • creative
  • effective
  • patient
  • expert
  • organizational
  • driven
  • innovative
  • analytical

When Running a Contest

When planning and promoting a contest, use these words:

  • winner
  • win
  • winning
  • events

Avoid these promotional-sounding words:

  • Contest
  • Promotion
  • Sweepstakes
  • Coupon

Note that  legally you must define your contest or sweepstakes and all its details, so it may not be possible to completely avoid these words in planning and promotion. But when publicizing your contest, emphasize those fun, positive words instead.

The Surprising Words That Get Content Shared on Social Media

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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For Increased Social Sharing, Try These Magic Words
Choosing one word over another can make a huge difference in the impact of your social shares. Try some of these "magic" words today!

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  1. Hi Alisa! Being first and foremost a writer and storyteller, I am endlessly fascinated by words and the actions they do (or don’t!) elicit. Which is why I find your blog — and the infographic by QuickSprout that inspired it — so interesting.

    The stand out to me is “New Blog Post” and I must admit I’ve started adding that to my tweets since reading this blog.

    There are so many tweets every second and the feed can be overwhelming which is why it’s so smart, as you say, to identify that what you’re tweeting is written by YOU and not just something you’re sharing, so that fans of your work will be more likely to click on it.

    Thank you very much for that tip. I would certainly be even more likely to click on your tweets knowing that the content I’m clicking on is written by you, as you always have such great info and I know I can always count on your content to teach me something and make me smile 🙂

    • Alisa Meredith

      Hello, Katherine. Always nice to see you here! You do a great job with your content and your words are so well-chosen, so I really appreciate your kind words.

      That point about vouching for your own content really resonated with me, too, especially in a time where, so often, people share links without even reading the article.

      Thank you so much for your comment.

  2. Hello,

    Awesome list of the most shared words on social media sites!

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